I've just been steadily hammering away at the Sky-Bike project trying to get it ready for testing.
I am looking forward to running several SPeed tests before getting too crazy, but
I guess I'll just hafta see how things pan out.

 I am getting a lot done on the Sky-Bike and soon Ill be able to fire up all three engines
for some preliminary tests.

There will be videos available.

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Saturday, 24 November 2007

This is the new Neo-Mech chassis I developed after having created and tested my previous Mech (Big-Red) as many called it.
I began the project back in early January of 2007.

The new chassis is 16ft tall thus far as I have not yet built the head. 

I am going to be transferring all current hydraulics from Big-Red Due to a dry well of funding (lack of) to the new chassis.
I have had some sponsor ship first from  Theodore Agronat of and most recently from Peter Kappes
of .

No video's are available as of yet.


Neo-Mech G-2
Neo-Mech X chassis 2007

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